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Known as „east Nice“this town was made popular by Austro-Hungarian elite at the beginning of the 20th century.

With more than 170 years of experience in tourism, it has captured the hearts of many.

Located on the east coast of Istrian peninsula and at the foot of „Croatian Olimp“-mountain Učka, Opatija is home to beautiful beaches, centuries-old Austrian villas, manicured gardens and parks as well as many first class restaurants and bars.

Opatija is blessed with incredibly mild micro climate that made the town famous for health tourism.

Would you like to have coffee on the same terrace James Joyce did or discover what the inspiration for Mahler’s Sixth Symphony was?

From strolling down coastal promenade Lungomare with the symbol of Opatija- Minden with the seagull sculpture, to observing the palm tree that inspired Isadora Duncan for the new dancing technique that shaped the modern dance- Opatija has so many treasures that await your discovery.